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Space dick, Ace Galaksi travels the cosmos in a sentient, shape changing ship with an equally sentient self destruct program, solving mysteries for the editors of the Giant Book of Destiny. 

Apr 15, 2022

Join the cast for some laughs and fun as we discuss creating and producing Season 4 - Protesting  The Future - including a quick interruption for a whole other stand alone episode  for the Toronto Fringe mid-way through. 

Mar 11, 2022

The judge of eternity passes sentence on Gaudium for her crimes against Destiny.

Finding her way back to herself, the Editor takes on the ultimate questions of life.


Episode 6 of Season 4, Protesting The Future

Mar 4, 2022

With the editor poisoned and completely out of commission, the Copy Aide takes over her duties.

Gaudium the last surviving being of a planet consumed by goo demonstrates a knack for getting people to do what she wants. She does a lot more than just change her own fate.


Episode 5 of Season 4, Protesting The Future

Feb 25, 2022

Fungal fuel, a revolutionary new self-replenishing power supply is heralded as a planetary savior.  But of course nothing is as good as it seems.


Episode 4 of Season 4, Protesting The Future

Feb 18, 2022

With the editor unable to remember who she is or what she does, her duties fall to the Copy Aide.

Problems running rampant in the Destiny offices, Ace is called in to help. He arrives with an unexpected visitor.


Episode 3 of Season 4, Protesting The Future