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Space dick, Ace Galaksi travels the cosmos in a sentient, shape changing ship with an equally sentient self destruct program, solving mysteries for the editors of the Giant Book of Destiny. 

Sep 29, 2023

The AI takeover has begun. Fate and Destiny replaced with a random generator. Every occurrence, every circumstance as random as a coin toss. That will be good - sometimes. It will also be really bad. 

Episode 6 of Season 5

Sep 29, 2023

The offices of the Giant Book of Destiny and the Great Tapestry of Fate have been ordered to merge. That can't be good.


Episode 5 of Season 5

Sep 17, 2023

Earth has been scheduled for destruction. Well - goodbye.


Episode 4 of Season 5

Sep 5, 2023

Efforts taken to fix the time infraction lead to a time paradox. One that will blow existence out of existence.


Episode 3 of Season 5

Aug 29, 2023

Captain Peddleserp somehow finds a way to travel to the end of time – which is in three days!

Ace must find a way to find Captain Peddleserp before all of time ends. Will he have time???


Episode 2 of Season 5