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A sci-fi satire that weaves its way through the annals of time and the wormholes of space.

Apr 6, 2013

All beings, throughout the known and unknown universe are put into great peril because of a small clerical error at the Giant Book of Destiny. Part 6 of 6. 

Music inside Maddy's house, Sittin' Pretty, courtesy of The Elwins

Action music, Nerves, by Kevin MacLeod (

Mar 30, 2013

Spy union headquarters issues a requisition for Ace Galaksi's death to prevent him from sharing his outlandish discoveries about shape changing aliens, the inherent equality of everyone, and tap shoes, with the rest of the world.  Part 5 of 6.

Music inside tomb, Arcadia and action background music, Clenched by Kevin...

Mar 23, 2013

While Ace Galaksi helps archeologist Alexander Van Dijk search for a lost burial chamber in the great pyramid of Giza, the answer to who really built the pyramids is revealed. Part 4 of 6

Palace music Mighty & Meek by Kevin MacLeod (

Mar 15, 2013

A fashion mishap on the part of a visitor to Earth initiates the growth of a new branch on the planet's tree of life. Ace Galaksi accompanies Yasmeen to Egypt to search for the lost dinosaurs. Part 3 of 6

Groovy tune inside Karen's headphones: Stuck in the Middle - Courtesy of The Elwins.

Mar 6, 2013

The boys in the CSIS lab make some startling discoveries that cause Ace Galaksi to question the nature of existence - and the value of recycling. Part 2 of 6.